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Thursday, January 6, 2011

my first blog

     Okay where to start? uhm , .Lets start by saying hello. HELLO there ! ok what's next? oh no ! wait,  let me welcome you first. haha! WELCOME to my site! Since this is my first blog, I dont know what to write here. Any ideas? HAHA. I'm still a new in this things. This is my first blood actually. haha. well, I'll just introduce myself. I'm Ma. Fe P. Busa 58 years of age, living in the city named Butuan. I actually live w/ my three lovely grandchildren and my husband. My two children are in London working, you heard that working! let me first shout, I MISS YOU my children! ok , that was a relief, hahaha.
     And now , . .  uhm, I'll say something about FE ( myself of course hahaha) well fe is an insurance agent (underwriter), a mother of two, a grand mother of three, a wife and a friend, So here comes the part where I'm going to describe myself, well also a hardworking, jolly often times, God fearing and of course beautiful. hahaha! are you bored? sorry, I'm still an infant in making blog. So I guess, this is it? Just wait for my second blog. Thanks for giving me your time,. KONICHIWA